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There aren’t many cities that have more apartments that the greater Dallas area. Anytime you have a large number of properties condensed into a small area,  and many other communities in the greater suburban areas, it can make your apartment search a little more difficult. The first item that you should be aware of; traffic in the area is downright terrible. If you ask someone in the area about traffic, be sure you increase the estimates. This makes this city a perfect opportunity to engage in the services of an apartment locator Dallas.

Especially if your considering one of the Dallas suburban cities like Richardson, Plano, or Frisco. These cities are not Dallas. And if your commuting to the Downtown Dallas area, you better be sure you know what your getting yourself into. It seems as though construction never ends in Dallas. So be sure you have your bearings right when your deciding on your final apartment in Dallas. However, it your not worried about driving, then be sure to consider one of these suburbs. They all have their advantages and many residents absolutely love where they live.

Regardless of where you live, you can count on not thing to be similar across the entire region. The temperatures are extremely hot. And it is not uncommon for many summer days to exceed 100 degrees. Thankfully,  the majority of the apartment homes have air conditioning. In fact we advise that if the apartment that your touring does not have this latter feature, that you find a Dallas property that does.

Don’t know where to start? A good apartment finder Dallas can definitely get you started in the right direction. First of all you should know that most apartment locator Dallas don’t charge a fee for their services. The majority of the communities in Dallas will pay real estate agents a referral fee for sending customers to their apartment. And don’t worry, it won’t raise your rent in any way.

If you don’t know where to start searching, use the downtown area as your starting point. The majority of apartments are north of the area. Here are some of the most popular places to rent an apartment.


It’s not the best place to raise a family, nor send kids to public school. But there are plenty of awesome high rises,  and older restored telephone building converted into gorgeous apartment lofts. If you enjoy polished concrete floors, soaring ceilings, and awesome views of the Dallas skyline, then you might fall in love with downtown. Other notable points of interest include Neiman Marcus. You can also secure one bedroom apartment homes under $1000. That’s unheard of in many downtown areas. Who knows, renting an apartment here might be perfect for you.


This might be the most popular and possibly the best neighborhood. If you love a night scene, bars, restaurants, and unique retail stores, then put Uptown on top of your list. There are a myriad condos, apartment flats, and loft style apartment homes. And most of them are pet friendly which is perfect if your bringing dogs and cats with you. Be sure to check out Mckinney Avenue,  where you can find more restaurants than you probably could ever visit during your stay.  Rent here is the most expensive in Dallas. You might find an apartment that rents for $2000. But you can also secure rentals that charge much less. This is where an apartment locator Dallas can fit right in.

Deep Ellum:

Just east of Downtown, this artsy, deco, area features plenty of loft style apartment homes. It might be one of the most unique sections of town. And restaurants and bars are not lacking here either. Rents here are extremely affordable compared to the Uptown area,  which is welcomed by many renters. It should be noted that Deep Ellum is a historic section of town,  and might fit your personality perfectly.

Hopefully your bringing a car with you, because you will need it. Get familiar with the Dallas freeways. The Central Expressway and the Dallas North Tollway are two highly frequented through-fares. We could dedicated a whole section about the Dallas freeway system here. Just know that you should become familiar with them. If your not into driving, Dallas does provide the DART. This is a system of buses and trains that can aid you in your commute.

Your head might be spinning by now. But do yourself a favor and contact a good apartment finder Dallas. They will take the stress of your move. And remember, it’s free. Our apartment locator Dallas can get you started with a list of apartment homes that will certainly meet your needs.

Still not convinced, here are some other reasons why an apartment finder Dallas might be perfect for your needs.

A) A good apartment locator Dallas can target pet friendly communities for you. Many Dallas apartments have varying qualifications for pets.

B) All bills paid Dallas apartment homes are few and far between. If your set on an apartment around Dallas that offers some or all portions of bills included in your rent, then an apartment locator Dallas can target only these specific locations for you.

C) If you currently have a broken lease or bankruptcy, a good locator can also send you an apartment that fits your criteria. Don’t make the mistake of applying at an apartment around Dallas on your own. Many apartment homes don’t allow a broken lease and you will be wasting your money on application fees.  Be sure and use our apartment finder Dallas to secure your place. And after you move in, be sure and remember to let your locator know you signed a lease. At RentXYZ, we offer a cash rebate back to you.

When you submit an application to your future apartment around Dallas, list RentXYZ as your referral source. Then report your lease  to your apartment finder Dallas. And your Dallas locator will take care of the rest.

Now that you have the inside scoop on how to find an apartment in Dallas, it’s time to start touring apartment homes. These Dallas apartment homes want your business. So be sure to ask questions and don’t be afraid to stay in contact with your apartment finder Dallas. They can make your move to Dallas a breeze. Many Dallas properties offer specials.  Contact a apartment finder Dallas today!